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Eliminate Soot and Related DPF Regen Problems

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EnerBurn®: The FIX to DPF Regeneration Problems!

EnerBurn® is specially formulated and tested to eliminate common operational problems caused by today’s bio-diesel blended fuels and newer “emissions-controlled” engines.

About Us

EnerBurn Solutions is a trusted provider of DPF cleaning services throughout the state of California. We are a distributor of EnerBurn®, the most effective DPF preventive maintenance product on the market. Additional services include DPF testing, replacement and opacity testing.

EnerBurn Solutions resolves DPF regeneration problems.  The combination of EnerBurn diesel fuel additive and DPF filter cleaning at recommended intervals are cost-effective alternatives to DPF delete.

Keep your rig out of the service bay and start saving money today!

For Sales and Service call 1+(855) 501-1005 or email: info@enerburn-solutions.com

Independent Tests Prove EnerBurn Fuel Additive is both Safe and Effective

Reduce Engine Wear

Diesel engine wear is substantially reduced. We’ve proven this through the long-term use of EnerBurn® in OTR transport fleets over billions of road miles.  This is easy to verify from your own engine oil analysis reports that will show a reduction in wear metals & soot when you use EnerBurn fuel additive.

Increase Engine Performance

You’ll get better diesel engine performance with EnerBurn®. End-users report that their engines run smoother and quieter. They also enjoy greater engine responsiveness and more power. In many cases the savings on diesel costs alone will more than cover the added expense of EnerBurn®.  EnerBurn is the best diesel fuel additive available for preventing operational problems often associated with bio-diesel blends.

Lower Exhaust Emissions

Most engine owners become regular users of EnerBurn® to improve DPF filter regen performance and prevent problems caused by soot build-up in the DPF and other exhaust-side components; EGR, EGR-coolers, and turbo-chargers.  Either they have experienced the pain of lost income and suffered the expense of these costly repairs or have heard the stories from others.  Smart business owners understand that “loss prevention” is a key strategy to running a profitable enterprise.

EnerBurn Certifications

We’ve done our homework.  EnerBurn® is backed up by independent, 3rd party tests that are the envy of the fuel additives industry. Our proof of performance claims are validated by multiple tests performed both in the laboratory and the field.  Hundreds of client testimonials reinforce the proven effectiveness of EnerBurn®.

Most important for you is reassurance that use of EnerBurn® will not void the engine manufacturer’s warranty.  EnerBurn® is registered with the US EPA, CARB and is recommended for use in DPF’s manufactured by Mann-Hummel.

REDUCES SOOT Emissions by up to

Retailers – are your customers asking for EnerBurn®?

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Retail Locations

Buy EnerBurn® at a California location near you:

California Environmental Solutions
1338 N. Melrose, #D
Vista, CA 92083
Ask for Britt, Sr
Phone: (855) 501-1005

California Environmental Solutions
4830 Burr St. #E
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Ask for Britt, Sr
Phone: (855) 501-1005

Advanced Emissions Control Solutions
2695 S. Fourth St.
Fresno, CA 93725
Phone: (559) 472-7301, press “1” for Sales

DPF Filters
2832 N. Golden State Blvd
Madera, CA 93637
Phone: (559) 903-3612

Rincon Truck Center
114 Rincon Court
San Clemente, CA 92672
Phone: (949) 492-3520

Alternate Locations

Buy EnerBurn® at the following alternate locations:


Mitchell’s Trucking
#5 Davis Court
Mansfield, IL 61854
I-74, 15 miles west of Champaign
Ask for Harold
Phone: (217) 377-5281


JKG Fuel Solutions
Located near I-94 / I-35 Interchange
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Ask for Jane
Phone: (612) 209-3079

New Mexico

California Environmental Solutions
24 Cielo Vista Rd
Belen, NM 87002
Phone: (855) 501-1005


Peterbilt Wyoming-Cheyenne
4221 S. Industrial Service Rd
Cheyenne, WY 82007
Ask for Paul
Phone: (307) 635-5335


At Liberty Sales Corp
115 South Harris Dr., Unit F
Rockdale, IL 60436
Located off I-80, Exit 130A
Ask for Jerry Biela
Phone: (708) 418-5080


Barr’s Diesel Performance
3097 W. US Hwy 40
Brazil, IN 47834
Ask for Dallas
Phone: (812) 442-5250


Advance Auto Parts
2407 Freeport Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Ask for Karen
Phone: (412) 820-2130

Marty’s LA Auto Service
1447 Lake Ariel Hwy
Lake Ariel, PA 18436
Ask for Joe
Phone: (570) 507-1056


Blaine Slaughter, OTR reseller
Sweeny, TX 77480
Phone: (979) 417-3430